Don’t Forget Mobile Customers

It is important to remember that people shop in different ways and on different devices when designing your Kickstarter page. Like most, anytime I am on a bus or waiting in line for something I will take out my phone to pass the time. Occasionally I will open up the Kickstarter app to check out any new projects or to maybe go over projects I have already saved to see if I am still interested in them. I am also not alone in this with the KS app having over 1m downloads from the google play store. Sometimes however, I come across wonderfully designed campaigns that don’t work as well on mobile than if I viewed them at my computer. Today I will discuss two key areas that I believe are important to focus in regards to app users when setting up your campaign.

Recently, I viewed a project that was the inspiration behind this article. It had a very thematic campaign page. The story was a beautifully crafted image using the art style of the game and that really pulled me into the theme of the game. There was however one huge problem for me, the font on these images was small and made it more of a chore to read. I stopped reading the page after a few sentences and said I would get back to it when I am at my computer. Unfortunately for that project by the time I got around to look at it on my desktop it was too late and the campaign had ended. It’s important whenever you are designing anything for the web that you check how it views on multiple devices. This is the same for Kickstarter campaigns, especially for the images in your story, you should make sure that it appears how you want it to on different devices and if it has text it should be readable.

On desktop you can browse through the campaign and whenever you want you can check the right hand side of the screen to see the different pledge tiers. However, on the KS app you are presented with an entirely different interface. As you read through the campaign you have to back out and click on “back this project” to see the pledge tiers. Your story should therefore contain the pledge tiers, while it is in general good practice to do this anyway since you can dress it up with images and make it more appealing than a list of items. Including them for mobile users also means they are less likely to click away before seeing how much of a bargain your project might be.

If you take both of these things into consideration when designing your Kickstarter page, it will greatly improve the quality of life for people browsing on the app. In turn this will mean you will be less likely to lose customers who might have discovered your project while on the app. What else do you think is important to consider when thinking about how people on the app might shop?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Smart. I never would’ve think of it.


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