Weekly Round Up #5

Thats now two weeks down of 2023, with the second week being a bit slower than the first. There isn’t really very much new to report from this week, Frosthaven has been getting in the way a little bit. But let’s run down everything thats happened so far.

This week work seemed a little slow, I posted an article outlining my goals for 2023 and began making a shortlist of classic games for the modern alternatives articles I will probably be starting with Monopoly for this month, since it is the game that inspired the series. I also started a monthly challenge for Roll Into Town where everyone plays with the same set of predetermined dice. When setting up the challenge I ended up setting a new high score, so head on over and see if you can beat the world record! The biggest piece of news is that development on Diceathlon for Boardgamearena is well underway. I have played a number of test games during the week where I tried to push the limits of the rules and test multiple edge cases. Progress is moving quickly and any rule mistakes I catch are being fixed promptly.

Frosthaven has taken over a bit on the personal side of gaming, from set up to tear down it takes a lot of time to play just one scenario. I am slowly working out better strategies to speed up the workflow, I’ve downloaded the app to track all the hitpoints, I’ve started seperating the enemy standees by type (animal/demon/etc.) and not just by individual monster. I then also have seperated the board tiles into numerical order and keep them seperate from the rest of the stuff. Having devled into it a bit more now I can say that it is an improvement on Gloomhaven, even if all of the scenarios I have done so far have just been “kill all enemies”, they have all been unique in some way and didn’t feel as crypt crawly as early Gloomhaven was.

When sitting down to write this article and seeing that not much has happened, I am contemplating switching this to a monthly article instead. Originally the idea of this weekly article was to ease myself back into writing posts and now that I have ideas for other articles it’s probably time to switch my focus to them rather than this one.


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