January Recap

So that is the first month of 2023 out of the way. It has been a busy month as I get back into the swing of designing and blogging after the Christmas break. With work on multiple projects, I will run them down one by one.

The Blog – This month was mostly weekly recap posts, however there was one post where I look forward into 2023 and highlight what I wish to achive this year. In that post I want to reorganise the blog, which will be happening next week. On top of that, I wanted to go back to the begining and write more posts based on the industry than just my own games. I have currently two articles in the works, one talking about modern alternatives for classic games, which is scheduled to post in the second week of Febuary after the site reshuffle. The second article is about the process of getting a game on BGA.

Diceathlon – Most of my development work this month has been focused on Diceathlon as it goes through the process of getting onto BGA. I talked last week about how it went into public alpha and what extra work that meant, that I was not prepared for. I have also began the layout for the Kickstarter page along with designing some extras for the Kickstarter.

Roll Into Town – I started a monthly challenge on boardgamegeek which highlighted some rule clarifications that were required. Development of the BGA module for this game has only begun yesterday with the developer reading the rules and asking a few questions.

Throwing Stones – This project got a little bit pushed to the side, I got all files ready and uploaded it to the contest. However, with Diceathlon needing work before the BGA launch I didn’t have much time to fix some of the issues yet. Diceathlon is coming to the end of it’s cycle and is requiring less work from me now and while Roll Into Town is just begining, I feel that is a more complete game than Diceathlon was at the same point. So I should have time to now focus on Throwing Stones.

Walking Tour Game – That is if I don’t get distracted by my latest idea of a walking tour game. An idea that came to me only yesterday. It is another roll and write game where players compete to give the best walking tour of a city. It’s unlikely but perhaps I can have this game ready for the next roll and write contest.

That’s everything that has happened this month. See you all next week after the site redesign!


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