Future Schedule

A short update this week just to update everyone on what the post schedule will look like going forward. Last week I planned out what the new structure and schedule for The Parsnip Post will be. Not much has changed on the website extra for the addition and removal of a few new menus. Right now Wheel to Wheel Racing and Table for Two have been removed. There has not been updates to either in a long time and I don’t see either continuing in the near future. Other pages remain the same while some got a bit of a change.

Firstly, from now on I will create pages for any future games once they are complete. At the moment Roll Into Town and Diceathlon have been added. In these pages you will find a link to download the currently free print and play versions of the game. There is also a list of articles that have relevant information specific to the game itself. Secondly Kickstarter Class has been changed to Design Den. The goal of this section is to collect all the design based articles that I have written and for any future ones. Finally a new section called Modern Classics has been introduced. This is where you can find my suggestions of more recent games that improve on old classic games like Monopoly and Uno. Any articles that don’t fall into these categories can still be found on the home page section, including the old Wheel to Wheel articles and Table for Two.

As you may have noticed from today I will go back to publishing articles on Tuesdays with at least 2 articles per month. Starting from next week, every 2nd Tuesday of the month I will publish my Modern Classics article. The other article for each month will be on the last Tuesday and it will be the monthly recap which started last week. This will give a short review of any articles published that month along with what I have been working on and anything else interesting I found during the month. Any other articles (like Design Den) will have no set schedule and may be published on the free Tuesdays but they are not guarenteed to happen every month.

That’s all for this week, see you all next week when I tell you why a bunch of games are better than Monopoly.


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