Febuary Recap

Another month has come and gone. For Febuary most of my focus was still on the development of games on Boardgamearena and on the organisation of this site.

Firstly let’s talk about what has being going on here on The Parsnip Post. I started off this month with some housekeeping on the website and planning the future for posts on here. You can read about that in my first post of the month, Future Schedule. In short there was some reogranising of menus and a plan for 2 posts a month, 1 in Modern Classics and the 2nd will be this monthly recap. The first modern Classic post was made where I suggest games which I feel are worth having over Monopoly. I am quite happy with how this article turned out and am excited to bring the next edition where I look at Yahztee.

Now onto Boardgamearena, last month Diceathlon had gone into public alpha over there. Last week we got enough approvals to move into Beta which should happen later today or tomorrow I believe. As well as that, there was additional rules added to the version on BGA so that it can be played solo, with each sport having a target score to earn the individual medals.

Roll Into Town was the main focus this month as the development of it’s implementation got underway. As opposed to Diceathlon, I am paying the developer for this implementation and one difference with that is a lesser workload for me as this developer undertook some of the graphic redesign tasks and such. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t without work on my side. There was a number of rules that needed to be clarified and then the clarifications had to be edited into the rulebook. The implementation went into public alpha last week with already over 150 plays. The game runs really smoothly and looks exactly how I imagned it. There is a few more pieces to be added before it can go into beta but I expect that to happen quite soon.

That is everything that has been going on with me this month aside from the odd small idea for future expansions or games. See you all next month for some Yahtzee and hopefully further development on both games.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to see the “few more pieces” on Roll into town ^^


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