January Recap

So that is the first month of 2023 out of the way. It has been a busy month as I get back into the swing of designing and blogging after the Christmas break. With work on multiple projects, I will run them down one by one. The Blog – This month was mostly weekly recap…

The Final Weekly Round Up

Last week I said I was considering no longer doing a weekly round up, this will be the final one. Well kind of the final one, next week I will start the monthly round up and from then on, the last friday of every month will have a run down of what has been happening.…

Weekly Round Up #4

We’re back! Christmas and New Years have passed and I am back home in Germany and am already back to work on old and new boardgames. With a lot of exciting news to bring, I’ll dive straight into it. Firstly, the results are in for the 13th Roll and Write Contest and Diceathlon won the…

About Diceathlon

Diceathlon is a Roll and Write game where you compete across multiple sport disciplines to win gold.

It is available now as a print and play game.