Weekly Round Up #4

We’re back! Christmas and New Years have passed and I am back home in Germany and am already back to work on old and new boardgames. With a lot of exciting news to bring, I’ll dive straight into it.

Firstly, the results are in for the 13th Roll and Write Contest and Diceathlon won the award for the Best Postal Game, or more simply put best game where all the rules and play area can be printed on one A4 page. I am pretty pleased with this as it was my goal to focus on this category. Originally I wanted Roll Into Town to be a postal game but the rules spiralled into a 10 page rule book instead. So with Diceathlon I wanted to make sure I kept myself restricted to the one A4 page.

Speaking of Roll Into Town, it was covered on this site as part of their Advent Calendar of print and play games. It marks what is my first review of a game I made and definitely gave me encouragement to return to the game and further develop the campaign mode.

There has already been a lot of work done this week, so I will try to be brief on each topic.

First up is the announcement of a new game Throwing Stones has been entered into the 2 Player PnP Contest. This is a strategic game based on the best winter sport, curling. The game is also available to play on Tabletop Simulator right now.

Next up is Roll Into Town. I have gone back to do some work on improving the look of the game. I have updated a lot of the graphics to look neater in preparation for having an official launch later in the year.

Finally, most of the work has gone towards Diceathlon this week. I began work on providing a solo mode for the game. The rules are now set in place and it is only a matter of playing through a number of times to find the correct balance. On top of that, I have began work on the Kickstarter page, it’s at the very early stages at the moment as I work on the structure. Lastly, I’ve been working on getting both games onto Boardgamearena and last night Diceathlon entered the early Alpha phase.

Work also got a little sidetracked yesterday as my 16kg delivery of Frosthaven arrived yesterday which lead me to spending 5 hours punching out all the monsters and reading the rules. Then another 2 hours coming up with backstories and character names for each of my party members, before playing the intro scenario. Frosthaven provides a challenge to my already challening list of challenges I hope to complete this year.

So that’s it for now, next week I plan to make an additional post with my targets for 2023 for The Parsnip Post and Parsnip Gaming as a whole, but until then let me know what your plans for the new year are!


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