The Final Weekly Round Up

Last week I said I was considering no longer doing a weekly round up, this will be the final one. Well kind of the final one, next week I will start the monthly round up and from then on, the last friday of every month will have a run down of what has been happening. With that said, let’s run through what has happened this week.

I played very little this week, just a couple of games here and there. Most of my focus has been on Diceathlon and getting stuff prepared for that for boardgamearena. On Wednesday Diceathlon went into Public Alpha, meaning I wasn’t the only person testing it out anymore. This lead to some things I wasn’t expecting. Namely people would need access to the rules. The rules are available on boardgamegeek in a zip folder but that is awkward to look at, especially if you are maybe playing on a mobile device. This lead to me submitting a pdf file to boardgamegeek with a rules over view and also editing the boardgamearena wiki to have the rules too.

The old Diceathlon box cover was just a place holder until I could get a nicer image done. It didn’t look great but it did the job I guess. I had thought I had more time to organise a better cover but with the sudden move to public alpha I thought the game needed something nicer which lead me to design the new cover art that you can see on the game page today (and also below). I also noticed that the page views for Diceathlon have nearly doubled since Wednesday which is pretty neat. I am gathering a lot of information already on how the process of getting a game on Boardgamearena works for the future article.

I have also began writting the “modern alternatives” article for Monopoly but it is taking more time to write than I expected, since it is basically 4-6 mini reviews for different games. That said, it will be ready to publish in February. I will make some small adjustments to the website before it is published, so that the modern alternatives have their own menu item.

Beyond that, there has been some small things in the works around the Diceathlon kickstarter. There are some things I want to add to the game so the kickstarter offers people more than what is already available so work on the solo mode and a winter version has begun. While I have not put anything on paper yet for the Kickstarter page itself, ideas of it’s structure has begun to form in my mind.

Thats it for this week, next week will see the first monthly round up article. Covering obviously everything that has happened in January. I will continue to work on the Monopoly article along with all the various games. Hopefully a large amount of playtesting for the various solo modes and for Throwing Stones so more progress can be done on both of those. For the weekend I will be delveing deeper into the world of Frosthaven.


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